Nestor Alfred is the Chief Executive Officer of St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. Prior to this position, he served at a senior/executive position in varied areas within the financial services sector i.e. taxation, banking (offshore and domestic) and financial regulations.  In his banking career he worked in the Islands of Barbados, Cayman Islands and Sant Lucia.

In his role as the Chief Regulator for Saint Lucia’s Offshore and Insurance sector, Nestor acquired extensive expertise in compliance; anti-money laundering and counter- terrorist financing and was the first ever Caribbean Financial Action Task Force Mutual Evaluator coming out of Saint Lucia.

Nestor has a passion for teaching/lecturing and was a part-time lecturer with the University of The West Indies and the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (Saint Lucia).

Nestor is a strong supporter of Caribbean regionalism and has the distinguish opportunity to serve as an appointed Commissioner to CARICOM Competition Commission , a Commission so set up to  deal with anti- competitive cross-border business conduct and promoting and protecting competition in the CARICOM Community amongst other functions.